About Us

We’re not exactly environmental experts, scientists, biologists, or conservationists. In fact, we’re quite the opposite. Call For The Wild was founded by a group of committed business people who come from a wide and diverse array of academic, business, cultural, and political backgrounds. However, we all share a common interest: an absolute passion for nature and protecting what remains of Earth’s unique and amazing wildlife and wild places. We also all have our own areas of expertise to help with the mission. So, it goes without saying that now, because of the continued assault on life on Earth, we decided we needed to get into the fight rather than sit on the sidelines watching a potential man-made great extinction take place.

A humble start

Admittedly, we are just starting out on our campaign to join those who came before us, and join those fighting on the conservation front currently. But we hope to bring another resource to the table to reinforce the front lines. So, excuse us if we don’t get it perfect from the start. Let us know how we can improve, tell us what you think. Better yet, join us if you have the experience and expertise to help, or if you just want to lend a helping hand. Because Earth and its wildlife need all the help it can get right now. If you are interested in learning more, read on.

Working with the experts

While we may not be the experts in the areas of rescue, research and conservation, rest assured our beneficiary organizations are. Call For The Wild is only providing funding to qualified organizations, facilities, individuals, and projects that have the highest of oversight, principles, ethical standards, and charity ratings. We only support initiatives that show the most promise for impacting long term and broad environmental and species protection. Our job is to support the committed conservationist, biologists, scientists, and others, dedicating their lives on the front lines of conservation. Our goal is to bring attention to and raise revenue for these experts.

Introducing the Call For The Wild Foundation.

A message from the founder

Call For The Wild™ (CFTW) is a movement to change the conservation culture and status quo of Earth’s losing battle to human impact. Conservationists have been fighting the battle to preserve Earth’s precious natural wonders for over two hundred years. Yet in that time our population has exploded, and the industrial and technological revolutions, along with agricultural and urban sprawl, have decimated the planet. While science was once the great hope for curbing our assault on nature, scientific evidence of human impact is now simply denied by many who profit from the unsustainable consumption of land and resources. The battle to save the planet is hinged on the economics of monetizing the preservation and protection of nature and the quality of life on Earth. In recent years these economic approaches in conservation tactics have brought a glimmer of hope as we seek to protect and restore Earth’s remaining wildlife and wild places for the generations of living beings that come after us.

With this simple and humble hope, our goal is to provide a voice and a call to action on behalf of those creatures and places that cannot speak and act for themselves. We believe that Earth’s natural biodiversity and resources also provide humanity an exceptional quality of life that needs to be sustainably preserved. People and businesses that benefit from Earth’s natural resources should participate in the critical work of protecting and restoring this essential natural balance for Earth’s long-term health and the well-being of all living creatures and ecosystems.

Call For The Wild Inc. is a cause-based business that funds our Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit. We formed with the belief that business should be part of the solution to restoring Earth’s wildlife and wild places. We also believe that the experts, organizations, and facilities that are committed to doing the critical work of saving our planet should be focused on their mission and not spending their time fundraising. For these reasons we decided to commit our resources to our own mission of funding the essential work they do. Our mission is to connect people with nature and inspire them to help protect and restore wildlife and wild places. We strive to educate, motivate, and fund the important work of wildlife rescue, research, and conservation.

We may not be perfect in what we are doing, but we will learn and grow as we go, because we believe it is better to do something flawed for good than surrender to doing nothing. We invite you to join us as a partner and defender on this journey of saving the wildlife and wild places of our planet. Knowing that all revenue generated for the foundation goes directly to this work, you or your business can join us in our Call For The Wild!

Our Story

Meet Billy Campisciano, the founder behind Call For The Wild. Billy grew up amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Southern California and Argentina, where his impressionable years were immersed in hiking, diving, and surfing, nurturing a profound connection with the natural world. Amidst these pristine settings, he couldn’t turn a blind eye to the alarming decline of wildlife and decimation of ecosystems because of human impact. Driven by an alarming sense of concern for the future, he began dedicating his spare time to conservation efforts.

Throughout his academic and professional voyage in brand design and product development, Billy’s personal passion remained unwaveringly rooted in wildlife advocacy. He spent a decade at VF Corporation, a major industry player, before venturing into entrepreneurship. From brand license management and design with iconic fashion brands like Guess, Vans, and North Face to forging pioneering partnerships with top sports leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and Nascar) and later venturing into the entertainment sphere with Disney, Universal, and Warner Bros., Billy honed his expertise in branding and storytelling.

In 2012, a transformative moment occurred during his volunteer work with a marine life rescue organization in Florida. Spending eight hours aiding a stranded juvenile dolphin in a mangrove, feeling its heart beat and looking in its eyes, he felt an inexplicable connection—a realization that change was both essential and achievable to protect these creatures. With unyielding determination, Billy redirected his life path, using his skills to champion businesses for wildlife conservation.

Collaborating with various organizations, Billy applied branding and entertainment business strategies to amplify the messaging and impact of wildlife preservation efforts. His innovative approaches bore fruit through successful partnerships and fundraising with some small organizations, and working with some influential mentors using major motion pictures to develop merchandising and branding strategies to create essential revenue for these conservation organizations.

Billy has a fundamental belief that business and people who benefit from our environment and natural resources should be part of the solution to restoring Earth’s wildlife and wild places. He believes that the experts, organizations, and facilities that are committed to doing the critical work of saving our planet should focus on their mission and not spending their time fundraising. Merging these philosophies created the concept of Call For The Wild.

The team

Sean Sun

Chief Financial Director

Sean Sun studied at the University of California, Los Angeles and graduated in 2000 with a major in business economics. He then joined the 100-year-old J. Arthur Greenfield accounting firm, where he conducted audits for several American companies and provided tax returns and tax advice to various institutions, funds, trusts, and individuals. He obtained his California Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license in 2003.

In 2005, he joined the renowned toy company Plushland Inc in Los Angeles. Over the next nine years, he held the positions of purchasing manager, executive vice president, and partner. During this time, he successfully negotiated product licensing agreements between Plushland and Hello Kitty, the NBA (National Basketball Association), the NHL (National Hockey League), M&M’s, the New York Yankees (Major League Baseball), and over 200 prestigious American universities.

In 2015, Sean founded Enterprise Order Solutions LLC, a 3PL business specializing in global freight forwarding and distribution. EOS currently operates five warehouse locations (two in Los Angeles, one in New Jersey, one in Savannah, and one in Houston). With a focus on the sustainable global economy, Sean’s passion for protecting the planet directly influences the future of global economics.

Driven by a commitment to conservation and environmental stewardship, Sean co-established Call For The Wild Inc. and the Call For The Wild Foundation in 2023. These organizations are dedicated to fostering a deeper connection between humans and the natural world, empowering individuals to become active stewards of the environment.

Linda Li

Operations Director

Linda Li’s business background is rooted in her positive entrepreneurial spirit and traditional Chinese upbringing. Linda is the founder of Plushland, a family owned and operated company since 1996. Plushland designs and produces handcrafted, customized stuffed animals for personal and fundraising needs.

Linda’s journey is deeply rooted in her holistic philosophy of operating businesses that do good. Growing up in the toy industry, she was inspired by her cultural and family surroundings, where the captivating realm of plush toy manufacturing captured her heart from a young age. Her childhood fascination with nature and these enchanting, symbolic soft creatures laid the groundwork for her lifelong commitment to fostering positive change.

Linda has consistently been driven by a higher purpose—to collaborate with companies in raising both funds and awareness for those in need. She has pioneered numerous innovative programs aimed at supporting local and national charities, schools, environmental groups, and community fundraisers. These programs provide new and exciting fundraising alternatives for those dedicated to making our world a better place for all. Linda found that, in addition to making a meaningful contribution to charity, donors who received a lovable symbolic gift made a lifelong connection with that charity they supported.

Through her life and business experiences, it was only natural that when the opportunity to get involved with a conservation initiative like Call For The Wild presented itself, Linda would wholeheartedly jump in. An ardent enthusiast of the outdoors, hiking, biking, and running, Linda embodies a lifestyle that mirrors her belief in the transformative power of collective efforts. She envisions a world where individuals and businesses collaboratively strive to make a positive impact. Linda Li’s inspiring journey and commitment to business, community, and nature make Call For The Wild a beacon of compassion, unity, and positive change in the philanthropic landscape.

Maxine Campisciano

Education and Content Director

With a diverse background in arts, social sciences, research, and early childhood education, Maxine aspires to make real scientific research about animals and their environments accessible to all ages.

Throughout her childhood, Maxine was constantly surrounded by wildlife rescues and adventures in the state of Florida, where her father, CEO Billy Campisciano, taught her and her siblings about environmental conservation and the importance of wild places. Drawing inspiration from these experiences, Maxine began her journey towards environmental advocacy at the age of 17. While enrolled in an intensive visual arts program, she created a portfolio of 24 art pieces dedicated to shedding light on environmental cultural conflicts. Her work garnered several awards and significant recognition.

After graduating from high school, Maxine decided to pursue a more scientific approach to conservation. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Cultural and Environmental Anthropology, focusing her research on the challenges of balancing environmental conservation with human sociology and economics. Following her undergraduate studies, Maxine moved to Washington D.C., where she spent a year working at the Smithsonian Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute. During this time, she gained invaluable experience in endangered species reproductive programs and their role in raising conservation awareness among the public.

Recognizing the profound impact of education on conservation and sustainability efforts, Maxine shifted her focus to childhood education. She became Early Childhood Education Certified to learn the most effective methods of introducing environmental knowledge to young children in a developmentally appropriate manner. Maxine firmly believes that starting conservation education at a young age is crucial for sparking lifelong passion and interest in saving the environment.

In her current role as Education and Content Director at CFTW, Maxine continues to integrate her passion for arts, sciences, and education to create engaging content that educates and inspires people of all ages to protect wildlife and their habitats.

Becky Glime

Volunteer and Events Director

Becky Glime is a dedicated conservationist and former revenue-generating expert in the entertainment industry. Her journey began at the age of 18 when she embarked on a career at Busch Gardens, where she developed an enduring passion for the diverse array of animals residing there. For over 35 years, while working in concessions she found herself emersed in the daily lives of giraffes, apes, zebras, rhinos, and countless other species. fostering a deep connection with wildlife through the people and animals of the park.

During her tenure at Busch Gardens, Becky expanded her horizons by working at the sister waterpark, cultivating a newfound love for water, beaches, and marine life. Her enthusiasm for marine conservation led her to retire from Busch Gardens and join the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Here, she delved into the world of marine mammals, becoming enamored with dolphins, turtles, stingrays, and sharks.

Driven by a desire to make a positive impact, Becky played a pivotal role in establishing a cafe, gift shop, and an online store at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Leveraging these platforms, she spearheaded outreach initiatives to raise funds for research and rescue teams. Her commitment to conservation and awareness took her beyond the confines of the aquarium as she actively participated in outreach groups, contributing to various projects that deepened her understanding of conservation, recycling, and non-profit initiatives.

Becky’s life underwent a profound transformation, and she emerged as a staunch advocate for saving our oceans and protecting all creatures, both on land and in the water. Her experiences at Busch Gardens and the Clearwater Marine Aquarium shaped her into a knowledgeable and passionate individual dedicated to the cause of preserving our planet’s precious ecosystems. Today, Becky Glime continues to channel her expertise and love for nature towards creating a sustainable and harmonious future for all living beings.

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